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Yarn Bombing the Ten Dollar Town Motel

As you all know, Gulgong is involved in raising money, as a community, to go towards the McGrath Foundation to help support those affected by breast cancer.

As part of the Pink Up Gulgong month of October, our Motel has decided to embrace it's crafty side and pink up our posts. If you know our Motel, you will know that the front has several posts as part of its beautiful heritage facade. 5 of these posts are being covered in pink yarn, crocheted from top to bottom..... however this is not enough for us! We would love everyone to make some hearts and flowers to decorate our posts with. For each flower or heart attached to the post we will donate money to the McGrath Foundation. The more crafty you get, the more money to be donated... and that is what we want.

We have put together a Pinterest board with some ideas from the crafty and not so crafty to tackle. Whether you are a knitter, sewer, crochet or embroiderer, there is something there for everyone. Kids, there is plenty to tackle including lovely felt flowers and hearts.

You can drop your creations in to the Motel reception whether you are passing, or post them to us if you are not in the area.

A few points to note-

1. Let's keep it as pink as possible to create the most pink impact in support of this wonderful charity

2. Only use materials that will embrace all weather conditions- yarn, felt and fabric work well. Paper does not!

3. there is no right or wrong way to make this.... be creative, be yourself and most of all enjoy as you will be a part of this wonderful community inspired artwork and part of a wonderful fundraising event

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or you can find me on Facebook @tendollartownmotel.

Feel free to post pictures of your creations on our Facebook page, we'd love to see them coming along.

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