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Paparazzi Club at the Motel

A few weeks ago, I put a message out on social media that we needed some food shots taken for our restaurant, to use in the Australian Good Food Guide, on our website and in our brochures. One of the first comments suggested I should contact the local school and their resident 'Paparazzi Club'. I assumed it would be the local high school that would have such a fancy club however when I called them, they corrected me and gave me the number to the primary school and the principal, Alan Walker.

A couple of calls later, the renouned Paparazzi Club from the Gulgong Public School were prepped and ready to photograph food!

You would think that snapping some sausages, adding a bit of garnish to a plate or taking a selfie with your dessert is easy however food is one of the more difficult photographic categories, The lighting, the composition, making sure the food looks real, juicy and enticing, all can be quite challenging. After the school holidays the Ten Dollar Town Motel team prepped the meals in the newly renovated kitchen and a few of the Paparazzi Club were let loose!

500+ photos later and some full tummies after they dined on the yummy desserts, we have been absolutely blown away by the talent the local school has. It was a pleasure to see how much they enjoyed photography and the support the principal had for this extra curriculum activity.

Here are some of the photos that were taken, great... don't you agree?

These photos will appear on our website, on our new menu and on the Australian Good Food Guide website in our listing. Each time these photos are used, we will be telling Australia that they were taken by some pretty talented kids. Well done Gulgong Public School Paparazzi Club, keep taking those photos.

Photo credits go to: Gulgong Public School - Principal Alan Walker and Paparazzi Club members Archerson, Mia, Sigrid and Max.

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